Seven Questions Over Breakfast with Jules Danielson / by hadley hooper

I was thrilled to be invited to a visit with Jules, the creator and curator of the blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. I've been a reader of the blog since first doing research into picture books, it's a wealth of information and I've found many new favorite artists there. Jules is warm and energetic and the picture book's BFF!  I hope to meet and thank her in person one day -for all the great reading and inviting me to be part of the 7 Imp Alumni.

I'm so glad the Matisse book is getting such good response. And I'm so happy I'll be working with Neal Porter and Jennifer Browne again on another book. On 'Iridescence' they guided the roughs, the page turns and the flow with such care, I remember reading feedback more than once and getting weepy:) The whole process felt guided in a very knowing, trusting and mature way. It was truly the perfect combination of content - Matisse!- and form with Patricia MacLachlan's spare, perfect words.